Rumors that Kristen Stewart and Nicholas Hoult are dating began to surface around the time the actors began filming Equals together in Japan.

Now that shooting has wrapped, Hoult and KStew are still spending a lot of time together. Just last week, Stewart and Hoult attended a movie premiere together, leading many to believe they're preparing to go public as a couple.

But sources say that Nick and Kristen are in a simple "friends with benefits" arrangement, and neither has any interest in making it official.

"Kristen absolutely adores Nick," says one insider. "Is she in love with him? No, not at all. She's in love with her independence right now and the peace that comes with not dating anyone seriously."

"She promised herself she would not jump right into a serious relationship after Rob. He was the love of her life."

Stewart and Hoult both went through high-profile breakups recently, and both of their A-list exes have moved on to committed relationships.

Robert Pattinson is dating FKA Twigs at the moment, and friends say the relationship is quickly getting serious.

Meanwhile, Hoult's ex Jennifer Lawrence is dating Chris Martin and has reportedly already begun spending time with the Coldplay singer's kids.

Despite the fact that their exes both seem to have found happiness with new boos, friends say Kristen and Nicholas have no interest in settling down together any time soon.

"[Kristen] is happy that Rob's happy, but it's not a subject she wants to talk about. As far as Nick's concerned, they are super tight, but that's pretty much it."

Well, perhaps we should've seen this rumor coming. Emily Ratajkowski plays Ben Affleck's mistress in the new film Gone Girl, and now tabloids are reporting that the "Blurred Lines" beauty might be Ben's real-life side piece.

Ben reportedly recommended Emily for the part and Ben and Emily spent a lot of time flirting (and possibly more) on the Gone Girl set. "Sources" say Ben's wife, Jennifer Garner is understandably less than pleased:

"Ben and Emily just spent a lot of time hanging out in their trailers or at the hotel," an insider claims. "Away from the Hollywood spotlight, they had a lot of privacy."

"If Jen finds out he and Emily did have an affair, she would definitely divorce him. She's put up with his crap for many years, so you better believe the divorce would be nasty."

This isn't the first report of Ben behaving badly on the Gone Girl set. In a recent interview, Affleck admitted to drinking heavily and gambling while making the film.

Affleck's erratic behavior as of late (including an emotional tirade on Real Time With Bill Maher) has led many to speculate that there's some turbulence in the Oscar winner's personal life. 

Of course, it could just be the pressure of donning the Dark Knight's cape and cowl for Batman v. Superman.

Earlier this week, Kesha filed a lawsuit against Dr. Luke, alleging that her former producer sexually abused her and manipulated her with drugs for over a decade.

Luke countersued Kesha, claiming that the suit was part of an extortion effort coordinated by the pop star's management team and her mother, Pebe Sebel.

Today, a flood of new information about the case has gone public.

First, emails from Kesha's mother to Luke's lawyers detailing more horrific details about the alleged crimes were obtained by TMZ.

Now, a source has come forward claiming that Kesha "spontaneously" opened up about Luke's assaults during group therapy sessions when she was in rehab earlier this year.

The source says doctors implored Kesha to immediately cut off all contact with Luke. They also speculated that she hadn't gone to the authorities because she was suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and that Luke had stripped her of her "free will."

Kesha was seeking treatment for a number of psychological issues (including an eating disorder that some have blamed on Luke's abuse) when she checked into rehab in January of 2014.

Confronted with this new information, reps for Luke maintained that Kesha's accusations are "preposterous."

"Just because someone said something to a doctor, doesn't mean they weren't fabricated or part of an overall pre-planned campaign," said a statement from Luke's legal team. They added:

"It is important to note that these are just the latest in a series of bizarre public statements and actions by Kesha and her mother over the years."


From 2005 to 2014, Robin Thicke was married to Paula Patton.

But as you've probably heard, Patton filed for divorce from Thicke last week despite his long, intensive campaign of groveling and begging her to take him back.

Now that it's officially over, Thicke decided to celebrate by hitting the town with two of the biggest girl magnets in Hollywood: Leo and Tom Hardy.

"There were a lot of models there," says a source. "Leo and Robin were being super flirtatious and talking to tons of girls. [Robin] was in great spirits. Everyone was dancing until 3 am."

Leo is newly single himself these days, having recently broken up with Toni Garrn.

Hardy is newly married and reportedly left the party early, but guests say Robin and Leo played the field enough for everyone.

Of course, if Thicke is trying to make his ex jealous, he's probably barking up the wrong tree. Paula is already living with her new boyfriend.

Amanda Bynes is likely headed for another conservatorship, but her parents won't be at the helm. Her doctors want her confined and medicated for up to a YEAR.

After her July 2013 hospitalization, her parents Lynn and Rick were given a conservatorship, granting them control over her legal, medical and fiscal decisions.

She was ultimately released, only to go off the rails once more when the conservatorship lapsed last month. Now here she is, under a 5150 psych hold again.

Given how pissed Bynes is at her parents, and how severe her mental illness appears to be, another conservatorship managed by doctors looks imminent.

One that can keep her confined and medicated for up to a year against her will. The plan, according to TMZ sources, is to place her under an LPS Hold.

At the behest of doctors, a judge can sign off on this if a patient is "gravely disabled as a result of a mental disorder or impairment by chronic alcoholism.

Sadly, this is likely true of Amanda, and if she's being cared for in the hospital or another secure facility for a long period of time, that may be best for her.

The LPS Hold is far more stringent than what her parents - who can't legally force medication on Amanda or physically restrain her - could get in court.

Since her parents conned her into the hospital with the help of Sam Lutfi, and their relationship with her was strained anyway, they have little sway with her.

Doctors successfully sought an LPS Hold on Amanda after she lit driveway on fire and doused her dog with gasoline last year, but that has since expired.

Once she is fully diagnosed near the end of the 14-day temporary hold she's currently under, medical professionals will likely go the LPS route again.

We wish her the very best and hope that this tragic and difficult situation can be remedied, even if it takes a lot of effort and time and people to make it so.

Selena Gomez in ParisConsidering her roller coaster relationship with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez expects some negativity from her occasional boyfriend's fan base.

They're loyal. They're passionate. They're probably like 13 years of age on average.

But adults? The singer fails to comprehend why so many people who are old enough to know better also harass her online so often.

"I get picked on by grown adults all the time," Gomez told E! News this week while promoting her new film, Rudderless. "It's grown-ups and I don't get it. It just baffles me."

Selena then couldn't help but get a bit personal in response to these haters.

"I wish I could just sit them down and say, 'What were you doing at 15? What were you doing at 18? What were you doing at 21?'" she added. "Because I can guarantee you it's not half of what I've done.'"

Couldn't Selena just sign off of Twitter or Instagram and not concern herself with these critics?

Sure, but "I refuse to let them win," she explained, going on to say those social media platforms offer her a unique opportunity.

"I want to be that person for those girls and for my fans," said Gomez, angling to serve as a role model. "It's nice to be able to connect with my fans. I'm a part of it. I'm totally involved."

Gomez has 23.7 million followers on Twitter, 16 million on Instagram and 64 million fans on Facebook.

Kesha is suing renowned pop music mogul Dr. Luke, alleging that the hit-making producer began sexually, emotionally, and physically abusing her beginning when she first signed with his record label at the age of 18.

Kesha had previously blamed Dr. Luke for her eating disorder, but according to lawsuit documents obtained by TMZ Luke's mistreatment of the pop star was far more horrendous than she ever indicated in the past.

The suit details some shocking behavior by Luke (real name: Lukasz Gottwald) including an incident in which 41-year-old "forced" Kesha to get drunk with him before offering what he referred to as "sober pills."

Kesha says she awoke in Luke's bed the following day, sore, sick, and with no memory of how she got there.

On another occasion, Luke allegedly convinced Kesha to snort an unknown substance before boarding a plane with him. Once in the air, she says he repeatedly attempted to force himself on her.

The suit also alleges that Luke once "violently" attacked Kesha at his Malibu home. She apparently escaped by running barefoot down the Pacific Coast Highway and hiding in the mountains.

Following Kesha's recent rehab stint, the singer has made efforts to regain control of her life and career, both of which she says were stolen from her by Luke through abuse and manipulation.

Recently, Kesha dropped the dollar sign from her name, a symbolic gesture intended to signify a shift in her music and public image.

Gottwald has yet to publicly respond to the allegations against him.

Amanda Bynes in PublicLast week, Amanda Bynes was placed on 5150 psychiatric hold after exhibiting increasingly worrisome behavior in public and online. 

The trouble began when Bynes was arrested for DUI on September 29. Her parents finally intervened after Amanda accused her father of sexual abuse on Twitter. (She later retracted her story.)

Bynes is now receiving the treatment and supervision she so obviously needed, but sources close to the former child star say she's more miserable than ever before.

"Amanda is having a tough time adjusting to being in treatment again," says one insider. "However, the facility she is in is truly first class and will be a calming environment for her."

Apparently, part of the problem is that Amanda doesn't see any need for treatment and believes she was well on her way to getting better at the time she was admitted to the psychiatric care center against her will. 

"In a rare moment of clarity before Amanda became a patient at the mental health facility in Pasadena, she actually deleted the posts on Twitter accusing her father of sexually abusing her," the source says.

Responding to rumors that the posts were deleted by Amanda's parents the insider said, "No one but Amanda did it. Her parents don't know her password."

Gwyneth Paltrow Stands UPNow that Gwyneth Paltrow is through consciously uncoupling with Chris Martin, she's officially on the market for some new A-list arm candy.

Given, Gwinnie's insanely inflated sense of self-importance, we probably shouldn't be surprised that she's gone full-Lewinsky and set her sights on the highest office.

It all started when Paltrow hosted a fundraiser for the Democratic party yesterday, in preparation for next month's midterm elections.

President Obama attended the festivities and, of course, with her ex dating Jennifer Lawrence, Paltrow couldn't simply meet the POTUS. No, she had to try and flirt with him.

"You're so handsome that I can't speak properly," Gwyneth gushed on stage before handing off the mic to Obama.

Bear in mind, that this is a woman who once dated Brad Pitt, so if she's that flustered by good-looking dudes, she probably didn't say a word for their entire three-year relationship.

Of course, fan-girling out like a tween at a One Direction concert wasn't the only manner in which Paltrow embarrassed herself in front of the leader of the free world.

The actress also referred to herself as a "working mother," which is hilarious when you remember that just a few months ago Paltrow's comments about working moms pissed off pretty much the entire Internet...and with good reason.

Ben Affleck Looks RoughPhotos of Ben Affleck as Batman have been released, and he certainly seems to be in pretty solid shape. But sources tell the National Enquirer that at one point, the Oscar winner was one bloated Bruce Wayne.

In fact, producers of Batman v Superman were reportedly forced to hire a body double to fill in as the Caped Crusader.

"The star showed up looking so flabby for a shirtless boxing scene that producers immediately hired a ripped body double," one "insider" claims.

"They ended up using him so frequently as the Batman stand-in that snarky crew members sneakily started calling Ben 'Fatman' behind his back."

Guess we weren't the only ones to bust out the obvious "Fatman" joke. Anyway, sources say the problem began when Ben refused to take advantage of the personal trainer provided by the studio, opting instead to use a fitness guru suggested by Matt Damon.

"Turns out that was a truly bad decision for Ben," the source says, adding that Ben's inability to slim down resulted in "many delays" in filming.

We fully believe Batffleck may have shown up to the set a little overweight, but we're not buying that it was all because he went with the wrong trainer.

Recently, Affleck admitted to drinking heavily while filming Gone Girl and anyone who's ever been to an American sporting event can testify to the effects of excessive beer consumption on the human body.

As a human who lives on planet Earth, you've probably heard that nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence were leaked online a few weeks ago. 

Earlier this week, Lawrence spoke to Vanity Fair about the hacking scandal, revealing for the first time the emotional trauma that she suffered in the wake of the incident.

Most readers sympathized with Jen's plight, but the always outspoken Wendy Williams has apparently taken issue with what she perceives to be Lawrence's plea for sympathy:

"Don't sweat this, young lady," Williams said on her talk show today. "You're the one who took the pictures."

"In my opinion, if she would just stop talking about the Cloud and the naked pictures, it would all go away!"

Williams went on to imply that Lawrence is intentionally keeping the news in the headlines in order to boost her career.

Because obviously the most in-demand actress in Hollywood needs the help of a sleazy scandal to get work.

Wendy went on to talk about the relationship between Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult and the role that it played in the scandal:

"She took the pictures because she had a 4-year long distance relationship with her boyfriend," Williams said.

"'Either he can look at my naked pictures or he can look at porn,' she said. Ya' know what, men will look at both. If you ask any hot-blooded male, he's gonna look at both."

Taylor Swift and Olivia BensonTaylor Swift's relationships have received as much attention as her music over the years, but lately the "Shake It Off" singer has managed to keep her love life out of the tabloid headlines.

How did she manage such an impressive PR feat? Simple: Swifty says she just stopped dating.

"The idea of a date gives me a partial panic attack!" Swift told People magazine recently. "It includes 40 paparazzi cameras shooting through windows at us and that's not relaxing or alluring for me. But I'm fine! I have two cats!

Taylor's cats have become celebrities in their own rights, as she frequently posts photos of Meredith and Olivia Benson for her millions of Instagram and Tumblr followers.

Swift's last high-profile relationship was with Harry Styles, and sources say that when she talked about her breakup with Styles at a recent fan party, she was able to joke about her time with the One Direction singer and didn't seem at all bothered by the fact that it's over.

Of course, she was reportedly not happy to hear that Katy Perry's been flirting with Styles, but that's a different story. 

Considering she was once famous mainly for her outraged breakup ballads, it's refreshing to hear that Taylor has switched up her style musically, as well as in her personal life.

Amanda Bynes Back on TwitterTroubled celebrity Amanda Bynes has returned to Twitter, where her daily, unstable musings were once a must-read, after a five-month social media hiatus.

The former child star, 28, took to her verified Twitter account early this morning, writing. "Treat others how you want to be treated. The truth will set you free."

Yesterday, Amanda Bynes said she's engaged, but she made no mention of this on Twitter. She may have forgotten she made it up.

She did add this, though: "Don't believe anything the tabloids are saying about me. They dislike me for some odd reason & they continue to insult me everyday."

Bynes, of course, personally told tabloid In Touch that she is engaged to Caleb, allegedly a 19-year-old bait shop employee from Orange County, Calif.

The retired actress says she is "transferring to NYU or Columbia from FIDM to study psychology, so you'll see me in New York if you live here but I HATE stalkers!"

No word on when those universities plan to review Amanda's transcripts.

Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Cover PhotoBack in August, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence leaked online signaling the start of a Hollywood hacking scandal that would eventually affect hundreds of actresses, models, and singers.

Lawrence sued to have the pics removed from Google, but she has not spoken publicly about the incident until today.

While many celebs reacted instantly via social media, Lawrence - perhaps the most high-profile victim of the scandal - offered her thoughts to Vanity Fair in a remarkably candid interview that the reputable current affairs mag posted online today.

"I was just so afraid," Lawrence said. "I didn't know how this would affect my career. Just because I'm a public figure, just because I'm an actress, does not mean that I asked for this."

"It's my body and it should be my choice, and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting."

Lawrence goes on to describe the circumstances under which the photos were taken:

"I was in a loving, healthy, great relationship for four years. It was long distance, and either your boyfriend is going to look at porn, or he's going to look at you."

She also offered some choice words to anyone who played a role in the scandal:

"I can't imagine being that thoughtless and careless and so empty inside. Anybody who looked at those pictures, you're perpetuating a sexual offense. You should cower with shame."


Travelling in style: The actress pouted as she pedalled a Citi Bike in a plaid sweater with skinny jeansAmanda Bynes hopped a flight from Los Angeles to NYC late last week, and since arriving in the Big Apple has been exhibiting more bizarre behavior.

Following Amanda Bynes' DUI arrest last week, friends and fans feared that the Amanda of 2012-13 had resurfaced. Unfortunately, they were correct.

She has apparently reverted to the exact same antics we saw before her July 2013 meltdown, involuntary psychiatric hospitalization and conservatorship.

That conservatorship recently expired, with Amanda's parents seemingly having no clue anything was amiss.

Friday night, the "retired" actress was seen puffing on a Camel cigarette on the street, wearing a mysterious bandage on one side of her face.

She then rolled into the Cartier store wearing sweatpants, reports indicate.

Before boarding a flight at LAX bound for New York, she was talking to herself, obsessively putting on makeup in the airport and generally "really out of it."

Multiple people who saw Amanda in NYC's Union Square Friday night say she seemed "very paranoid" and that her behavior was really worrisome.

For example, the 28-year-old was speaking to inanimate objects, like trees.

To make a long story short, it's bad.

Unless Amanda's parents seek a conservatorship again and try to rein this in and get her back on medication, it looks like just a matter of time.

Even if Rick and Lynn Bynes did see a need to do that - and by all accounts they're in denial and don't - it's hard to hospitalize someone against their will.

Unless she poses a significant danger to herself or others, that is, but the obvious catch is that by the time that happens, it could already be too late.

Blake Lively PregnantBlake Lively is pregnant with her first child, according to the actress herself, who broke the news somewhat cryptically on her new lifestyle site Preserve.

Lively, who is married to Ryan Reynolds, just launched a Preserve Celebration of Family on her site, in honor of “that special moment at the creation of family.”

Publishing a host of pictures of happily pregnant women, Blake congratulated "all the expecting mothers out there," then shared one more special photo:

The photo of the Gossip Girl beauty and her baby bump was taken by her brother Eric Lively. Posing in the twilight, she cradles her future offspring proudly.

Lively has been quite vocal about wanting to start a family since marrying Ryan Reynolds in 2012, and as one of five kids, she says she wants a big one, too.

Still, no one saw this pregnancy coming.

The couple, who met while filming their 2011 movie, The Green Lantern, secretly wed in an intimate South Carolina ceremony and keep a low profile.

Since tying the knot, the two have been working on movies (or lifestyle websites) and have maintained minimal public presence, living quietly in Bedford, N.Y.

"We'd love to have a big family," Reynolds told Details in 2013 issue. "We both come from big families ... my parents did four, Blake’s did five."

"A lot of people say it’s crazy, but we’ll only know when we’re there, you know? We’ll walk through that fire pretty happily, I think," the actor added.

Blake gushed to Vogue in August that Reynolds "is going to be a great father and leader and patriarch ... he's so meant to be all of those things." 

"The fact that he lived so much before we got together, he's the exact realized person that he should be. And so I get to share my life with the person he's become."

"Now, we both get to grow from there."

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Red Carpet PhotoIn the wake of Mariah Carey's split from Nick Cannon, fans and friends were concerned that the iconic singer would suffer another public meltdown, such as the one that caused deep concern back in 2001.

Mariah is older and wiser now, of course, and she was rumored to be holding up surprisingly well in the weeks following her separation from Cannon.

However, sources say that when Cannon visited Carey's apartment to work out the terms of their divorce and visit the couple's twins, she was secretly hoping for a reconciliation.

Mariah now reportedly realizes that ship has sailed, and according to a former assistant of Mariah's, Ms. Carey is not handling it well:

"It's really sad," the anonymous source tells Star magazine. "Her self-esteem is at an all-time low. She's run down and bloated and she isn't sleeping."

The insider claims that part of the problem is that Nick indulged her diva behavior instead of occasionally putting his foot down, and Mariah doesn't know how to hold herself together without Cannon at her beck and call.

And adjusting to single life is reportedly taking a serious toll on Mariah's health:

"She often goes into trances. She even has special assistants whose job it is to stand behind her in case she falls backwards. On top of that, she drinks wine of champagne constantly. It's a recipe for disaster."

Yes, Mariah's boozing is apparently so out of control that she's adopted a trashy tactic pioneered by the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia gang:

"She drinks white wine out of a ginger ale can," says the former assistant. "She sips it through a straw so it looks like she's just sipping ginger ale."

"Her assistants have to carry backpacks full of wine, so that if she ever needs a refill, they can go to a bathroom and fill it up for her."

Assistants to refill your wine can? Not that's living. Seriously, though, the couple's very young twins reportedly spend most of their time at Mariah's house, so if there's any truth to these rumors, hopefully Nick is taking notice.

Mila Kunis and Ashton KutcherMila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher became parents for the first time earlier this week, and the cute couple has now revealed the name of their beautiful baby girl.

"Mila and I would like to welcome Wyatt Isabelle Kutcher to the world. May your life be filled with wonder, love, laughter, health, happiness, curiosity, and privacy."

Speaking of privacy, he posted photos of several babies, writing, “Can you guess which one is ours, or does it really matter? All babies are cute.”

As for her name, only Kutcher’s mother knew it ahead of time, a source close to the actor says, adding that the couple really liked unisex baby names.

It's a good one, and for Kunis, 31, and Kutcher, 36, a milestone in what was already an eventful year that included their engagement in February.

The former That ’70s Show costars, who were first rumored to be dating in April 2012, have been happily preparing for their baby girl’s arrival.

Kunis had been attending prenatal Pilates and yoga throughout her pregnancy, while planning a natural birth, and Kutcher doting on her often.

“Ashton is super excited,” his Two and a Half Men costar, Jon Cryer, notes. “Ashton has even been excited every time we had a child actor on set."

"He loves kids and he could not be more stoked to have a child.”

As for Kunis, she is too, and will scale back work accordingly.

“I have never wanted to be the person who only has business on her mind,” she said. “To me, this job has always been a hobby that turned into a great profession."

But, she says, "I don’t eat and breathe acting. I’m sure Meryl Streep has a very different point of view. But I’m excited about being a full-time mom.”

Amanda Bynes in NYCWhen Amanda Bynes was arrested for DUI earlier this week, many took it as a sure sign that she was about embark on another downward spiral of drug-fueled insanity.

The fact Bynes' parents didn't know where she was in the days following her arrest was also not a great sign. But the surest indication that we're in for another Amanda meltdown is the fact that she's tweeting again.

Or rather, "Ashley Banks" - which is believed to be Amanda's online alias - is tweeting again.

So how do we know Ashley is Amanda's alter-ego? Well, as you may have guessed, she's not that great at keeping secrets.

When TMZ tweeted recently that Bynes had been kicked out of fashion school for excessive partying and erratic behavior, "Ashley" immediately replied, "@TMZ I WAS NEVER KICKED OUT!"

She also had some other things to say...

"I'm way too gorgeous and talented to be taking verbal abuse from complete strangers."

"Don't let my parents lie to you or speak for me! I'm 28 years old and retired!"

"I don't abuse drugs. I'm not crazy. I never quit school. Apparently its illegal to rake scripts from your OWN doctor!"

Obviously, Ashley Banks could be someone simply pretending to be Amanda, but if that's the case, the person responsible does an amazing job of impersonating Amanda's crazy talk.

Mila and AshtonHello Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher welcomed a baby girl yesterday. The name and other details have not been released yet, but both mom and daughter are reportedly resting comfortably.

Sources close to the proud parents say Mila and Ashton arrived at the hospital around 6 am LA time and were rushed straight to a delivery room.

And get this - it was just the two of them! No family, assistants, or hairdressers to keep Ashton's hair stylishly tousled.

As happy as we are for the co-stars-turned-lovers, we will miss pregnant Mila. 

She brought a sassy edge to being knocked up. And, of course, she managed to look gorgeous for the whole nine months.

It's safe to say, that this will be one beautiful child...

Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Wedding PhotoGeorge Clooney is following the lead of good friend Brad Pitt.

Not only in getting married, but in how he's using the celebrity gossip game to make money for important causes off that marriage.

As reported just a few weeks ago, Pitt and Angelina Jolie donated all $5 million they earned from selling their wedding photos to People Magazine and Hello! Magazine to various charities.

And now we can confirm that Clooney and new bride Amal Alamuddin have done the same exact thing.

Sources close to the gorgeous couple tell TMZ that Clooney and Alamuddin were happy to pose for whatever publication ponied up the most cash, with People winning the North America market and Hello! doing the same in Europe.

The newlyweds are now taking that money and distributing it to a number of human rights causes, with most earmarked for the Satellite Sentinel Project, an organization that monitors the Sudan for war crimes.

Clooney is a co-founder of the group, which launched in 2010.

"Every photo in both magazines will be saving a life," an insider tells TMZ of Clooney's admirable goal.

The Oscar winner and Alamuddin got married in Venice over the weekend, first with an elaborate ceremony on Saturday night in front of many guests; and then in a small, quick civil ceremony on Monday to make it nice and legal.


We know where Michael Phelps was around 1:40 a.m. on Tuesday morning:

The Olympic swimmer was about 84 miles per hour in a 45 miles per hour zone and, therefore, got arrested on suspicion of drunk driving.

But now we also know where Phelps was for the eight hours prior to this incident:

According to TMZ sources, Phelps was at the Horseshoe Casino in Baltimore. He arrived at 5 p.m. and sat in a VIP room, reportedly playing Blackjack and Poker.

The record-setting Gold Medalist left at approximately 1 a.m. was was drinking beer for most of the night, according to witnesses.

It must have been A LOT of beer because initial reports indicate Phelps' blood-alcohol level measured twice the legal limit at the time of his booking.

"Earlier this morning I was arrested and charged with DUI, excessive speeding and crossing double lane lines," Phelps Tweeted hours after news of his arrest went public, adding:

"I understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility. I know these words may not mean much now but I am deeply sorry to everyone I have let down."

Over a decade ago, Phelps was also pulled over for drunk driving. He received a punishment at the time of 18 months probation.

In 2009, meanwhile, Phelps was caught smoking marijuana at a party on a college campus.  He was quick to issue an apology following that scandal as well.

Based on a series of recent events, it appears Amanda Bynes' career aspirations and life comeback are going down in flames or up in smoke.

The 28-year-old has reportedly failed out of the Fashion Institute Design & Merchandising, according to a new report, after less than a full year there.

Amanda Bynes' DUI arrest earlier this week sparked concerns that the mentally fragile aspiring fashion designer is headed down a dark path again.

She's reportedly on Adderall and off her medication for schizophrenia and bipolarity, and worse yet, insiders say she's "smoking pot and drinking again.”

Bynes' conservatorship, under which her parents controlled her financial, legal and medical decisions after her meltdown last year, just lapsed.

They simply didn't ask the court to renew it, believing their daughter was better.

It's a decision that would've been baffling even before this week's news, given the extent of Amanda's bizarre and destructive downward spiral.

Now that she's been arrested for DUI a second time and failed out of school? Her parents' denial of her mental illness may have dire consequences.

According to a source, “Amanda just stopped going to classes. Everything had been going very well for her up until the conservatorship ended.

"Her instructors have tried to reach out to Amanda, given her history of very public breakdowns, but got no response. As a result, Amanda flunked out.”

Said the source, “It’s really sad, because Amanda had been doing so well.”

That feels like a distant memory now, even if it's been a matter of weeks.

Bynes had been commuting from her parents' house in Thousand Oaks, Calif., to the Irvine, Calif., campus, which took up to two hours each way.

But when the conservatorship ended, she moved into an Orange County apartment near the school, by herself, and things quickly went downhill.

“Amanda is smoking pot again, and drinking,” a source close to her says.

“She stopped taking her psychiatric medications. She is out of control, and having the conservatorship end is probably the worst thing in the world for her.”

“This is truly just sad. Amanda had been making such great strides."

"Several networks were in contact with her lawyers about doing an in-depth interview, and follow Amanda around New York City for Fashion Week."

"A couple of weeks ago, those talks abruptly stopped, and no one knew why. Now, it’s become very clear. She needs to get back into treatment!”

Walmart believes Tracy Morgan and other people in a limousine struck from behind by one of the company's trucks in June are at least partly to blame for it.

Their reasoning is simple: Morgan wasn't wearing a seatbelt, the company said in a court filing Monday in response to the lawsuit filed by the actor.

The accident killed Morgan's friend James McNair, who was accompanying the former Saturday Night Live and 30 Rock star back from a show in Delaware.

Morgan was in dire condition after the collision and spent several weeks in rehab with rib and leg injuries, but thankfully the 45-year-old pulled through.

Walmart says that as tragic as this all was, it was caused "in whole or in part" by their "failure to properly wear an appropriate available seatbelt restraint device."

That, the company says, constitutes unreasonable conduct. An attorney representing Morgan called those very contentions "surprising and appalling."

"It's disingenuous," attorney Benedict Morelli said.

"It's not what they said they were going to do initially, which was take full responsibility. I'm very upset, not for myself but for the families I represent."

The lawsuit says that the retail giant should have known that its truck driver had been awake for more than 24 hours before the crash took place.

His commute of 700 miles from his home in Georgia to work in Delaware was "unreasonable," Morgan's camp says, and the driver was asleep at the wheel.

A Walmart spokeswoman said that the company "continues to stand willing to work with Mr. Morgan and the other plaintiffs to resolve this matter."

Morgan seeks a jury trial and punitive damages. Passengers Ardley Fuqua and Jeffrey Millea and Millea's wife, Krista Millea, also are named as plaintiffs.

Krista Millea was not in the limo when the intense crash occurred but is a plaintiff because she has a related loss-of-services lawsuit stemming from it.

Truck driver Kevin Roper, of Jonesboro, Georgia, has already pleaded not guilty to death by auto and assault by auto charges in state court.

A criminal complaint also accuses him of not sleeping for more than 24 hours before the crash occurred, which would be a violation of New Jersey law.

Jason Derulo and Jordin SparksDays after he and Jordin Sparks shocked the celebrity gossip world with their break up, Jason Derulo has issued a statement on the split.

And it focuses on one central message: THERE WAS NO CHEATING!

Responding to chatter of infidelity on the Internet, Derulo felt the need to clear the controversial air, writing the following on Friday night:


Though I think it is a private matter and intended to keep my break-up Jordin personal, due to bogus and irresponsible lies being reported by insensitive media outlets it became necessary for me to comment. I spent three great years with Jordin and she is one of the most amazing people that I have ever met

But as in all relationships there are ups and downs and at this time we have decided to amicably part. Infidelity, cheating or deceit played no part in our relationship or our break-up, and I hope that people respect our privacy as we move forward with our lives.

For her part, Sparks also sounded upbeat on Friday, Tweeting: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”


Sparks and Derulo broke up last week after three years of dating.

Chris Brown's mom and his girlfriend Karrueche Tran are so panicked about his gang affiliation that they want his therapist to intervene, and promptly.

The singer's romantic partner and family are secretly and desperately worried, according to reports, fearing that his seedy relationships may get him killed.

Given the possible assassination attempt on Chris Brown just over a month ago, and the company he keeps on a regular basis? Maybe not a stretch.

In any case, his mother Joyce Hawkins and Karrueche Tran approached his therapist to express their grave concerns about the man promoting gangs.

Which he does on a surprisingly public and routine basis.

They fear that he's risking his life, which is obviously the most paramount concern, but even if no one busts a cap in him, he's also ruining his career.

The gang affiliation is believed to have been behind the violent altercation at his pre-VMA party last month, where Suge Knight got shot.

The LAPD has already gone to L.A. clubs and bars, trying to convince owners to ban Chris and his entourage because wherever they go, violence follows.

We saw this at his show ending with an audience member stabbed.

For his part, Chris Brown does not see the issues of associating himself with the Bloods, his family believes, but rather he just thinks it's "cool."


Katy Perry will turn 30 soon, and even though she's single at the moment, Katy's got someone special willing to drop major bucks on an Egyptian birthday blowout.

Herself! Yes, anyone who's seen the "Dark Horse" video knows that Egypt is Katy's obsession of the moment. That may be why she's reportedly shelling out over $4 million so that she and her closest friends can party it up in on the Nile next month.

"She's sparing no expense to make sure everyone has a blast," says one of the lucky guests.

 But as a high-profile American, isn't it a terrible time to go to the Middle East - an area that's currently more tumultuous than Katy's love life?

Well, yes it is! But KP's got that all figured out.

"There's going to be a team of Navy SEALs who work 24/7," says the insider.

It's not easy to come to terms with the fact that we're living in a world in which Jennifer Lawrence is dating Chris Martin, but the more we hear, the more it becomes apparent that not only are these two together, they're getting serious.

Yes, Martin-Lawrence is definitely a thing, and while millions of men might be upset that Lawrence is off the market, no one's been hit harder by the news than Gwyneth Paltrow.

Sure, sources say Gwyneth is cool with Martin dating Lawrence, but it must sting a bit to see your ex moving on so quickly with a woman 17 years your junior who has so very much to offer.

And now Jen may soon be spending time with Paltrow-Martin children.

"Gwyneth was absolutely stunned when Chris told her he wants to introduce the kids to Jennifer," a source claims. "It won't be happening right away. Chris wants to make sure this relationship isn't going to just fizzle before he takes that step."

"He sees this relationship going the distance. It's been a huge blow to Gwyneth's ego because she has always bragged that she has Chris wrapped around her little finger."


Katy Perry and RihannaAs the Taylor Swift-Katy Perry feud rages on, battle lines are being drawn and celeb acquaintances are being forced to take sides.

The friendship between Katy and Rihanna goes back several years and KP has reportedly called upon RiRi to do what she does best: make fun of people's dance moves.

Remember when Rihanna laughed at Ariana Grande when she tried to get all "sexy" at the iHeartRadio Awards? Well, apparently Ri has stepped her game up and is ready to shoot Taylor a dirty look that could bend a spoon.

Taylor performed "Shake It Off" at the MTV VMAs, providing one of the few highlights of an otherwise dull evening. She apparently plans to bust out the uptempo pop tune again for the upcoming European Music Awards.

Little does she know, Katy and Rihanna have hatched a devious plan to be all "whatever" during the whole song.

"[Katy] and her friends, including Rihanna, are planning on totally embarrassing [Taylor] infront of the world," says a source close to the conspiracy. 

"They've even said they're just going to talk all the way through her performance and make fun of her like Rihanna did with Ariana Grand."


Earlier this month, Mendes gave birth to the couple's first child, a daughter that reportedly left Gosling crying.

But will the actress and actor take the next logical step? Will they exchange vows, perhaps in some kind of surprise Canadian wedding? Yes, according to the new issue of OK! Weekly.

A source claims Gosling has “never felt this happy” and is prepared to take part in an “intimate ceremony” with the mother of his child.

Few other details are available at this time.

But an earlier report does claim Gosling is totally in love with his daughter and it would therefore stand to reason that he would want to make his family legal and official.

Gosling and Mendes are yet to release the name of their child and have maintained a VERY low profile ever since news broke that they were expecting. So there's no real way to know what they're thinking.



Taylor Swift Parties With a Fan!Taylor Swift has a long, well-documented history of being awesome to her fans.

Even though she never toots her own horn about them, you've likely heard about the numerous occasions on which Taylor has visited young cancer patients in various children's hospitals.

Now, to celebrate the upcoming release of her new album, Taylor handpicked 35 fans from Instagram and Tumblr and invited them over to her crib for a listening party.

The lucky fans say that Taylor made them dinner, baked them cookies, took photos with them and then... they danced.

Anyone who's ever seen Taylor Swift's dance moves knows what a treat that must have been.

The party-goers even got to meet Taylor's cat, Meredith, and when they left, she gave them all gift bags.

Earlier this week, we reported that actress Emma Watson was being threatened with a nude photo leak as a result of a speech she recently gave at the United Nations.

The threats were posted on the photo-sharing site 4Chan, which had previously hosted stolen photos of Jennifer Lawrence, as well as the dozens of other female celebrities who were affected by the Hollywood hacking scandal.

Today, we learned that the whole thing was a carefully coordinated stunt by a company called Rantic Marketing.

The website - which had previously featured a clock counting down the seconds until Watson's hacked photos would be posted online - now simply redirects to Rantic's homepage.

Even more ridiculous than the capaign itself is Rantic's strategy for justifying its actions:

Currently, the company's site features a letter addressed to President Obama that begins, "We have been hired by celebrity publicists to help bring this disgusting issue to attention...Every Facebook like, share, and Twitter mention will count as a social signature."

Naturally, Rantic is refusing to identify their "employers," but they've been happy to share statistics about how easily they were able to drum up interest in stolen nudity.

Apparently, received over 48 million visitors in just a matter of days.

Rantic has yet to make make an argument as to how anyone but them stood to benefit from this stunt. 

As far as we can tell, all they've accomplished is establishing "It was a hoax! Gotcha!" as a viable excuse for anyone threatening to post hacked photos of a celebrity.

Chris BreezieA Chris Brown performance last night ended in someone getting stabbed.

Law enforcement sources say it's yet another case of trouble following the R&B singer and his entourage, and that police have been trying to stop this (to no avail).

The stabbing took place right after Brown finished his set at a YMCMB Drake-Lil Wayne after-party at Supperclub in Hollywood, according to witnesses and reports.

Several people leaving got into a fight and someone got stabbed. The victim, whose identity is not known, was taken to a hospital and is expected to be okay.

Not unlike when Suge Knight was shot in last month's possible pre-VMA assassination attempt on Chris Brown, no arrests were made, for a simple reason:

No one is coming forward to point any fingers or spill the beans.

Police, understandably, are increasingly frustrated by Brown's entourage, telling TMZ that wherever the singer and his posse go, "someone ends up bleeding."

"When Brown and his people show, we know what's going to happen. It's a headache for us," one law enforcement team member reportedly said.

The LAPD has privately met with club owners around the city, to pressure them into blacklisting Chris and his crew in an attempt to curb the violence preemptively.

Perhaps not shockingly, the clubs are still having Chris Brown perform as planned; they make too much coin off the singer, so his peeps are totes welcome.

The singer throws around Bloods gang signs and does not keep his affiliation with the street thugs a secret, though he has not been accused of instigating violence.

Not directly, anyway. Police believe it "emanates" from Chris and the shady characters who hang around him, and fear this may soon end very badly for someone.

Over the weekend, Emma Watson gave a speech at the United Nations about the need for worldwide gender equality.

The speech went viral and millions were moved by Watson's words.

Unfortunately, in the case of some insane 4Chan users, they were moved to violent hatred.

4Chan, as you may know, is the site where the now-infamous nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and dozens of other female celebrities were first leaked. 

Watson spoke out about the leak when it first happened, and has since been the subject of a disturbing amount of attention from angry young men on the site's message boards.

After her speech, the focus on Watson went from unsettling to genuinely scary, as users have begun gleefully counting down the days until nude photos of Watson will supposedly be posted to the site this weekend.

A site called Emma You Are Next features nothing but a photo of Watson and a clock ticking down the seconds until midnight on Friday.

Worse, comment boards related to Watson feature some truly upsetting threats of violence. Some users are even trying to get #RIPEmmaWatson trending on Twitter and have begun posting Photoshopped headlines with news of the actress' death.

The whole thing serves as a sad reminder that the hackers behind the photo leak need to be caught.

With a new round of naked celebrity photos hitting the Internet this weekend, courtesy of a perverted hacker on Reddit and 4chan, those who have seen their bare bodies exposed to the world against their will should not look to Clay Aiken for sympathy.

"Anybody who takes inappropriate pictures of themselves deserves exactly what they get," Aiken told The Washington Post late last week, contradicting himself a bit by adding:

"Of course whoever [stole and released the photos] should be hogtied. And it's unfortunate that we don't have Internet security right now or the laws in place to protect people from pirating that stuff."

Those two opinions don't exactly go together, of course.

Aiken's view runs counter to that of many others, of course. Lena Dunham has spoken out on the cruel nature of this hacking, while Union has referred to it as a "hate crime."

Dubbed "The Fappening," the controversy kicked off a few weeks ago when many photos of Jennifer Lawrence nude went viral. They were quickly followed by shots of Upton, Kaley Cuoco and other female stars.

The FBI says it is investigating the computer and cell phone hacking, but it clearly has not found the perpetrator just yet.

More nude images of famous people have been leaked online, most likely by the same hacker who posted dozens of inappropriate images to an Internet forum earlier this month.

The new set of images reportedly include hacked images of pop star Rihanna, reality-TV personality Kim Kardashian, former Disney Channel star Vanessa Hudgens and U.S. Olympic soccer team goalie Hope Solo

The second set of photographs reportedly include previously-unreleased photos of female celebrities who were exposed in the first leak, including Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence and Kaley Cuoco, star of the top-rated CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory.

The new set of images first appeared Saturday morning on the anonymous website 4chan and were subsequently reposted by Reddit users (Reddit administrators have since removed the shots).

Earlier this month, the celebrity world was thrown into a tizzy after dozens of nude celebrity photos – supposedly obtained from the stars’ personal smartphones and other devices – first appeared on the 4chan website.

The celebrities in the first wave of leaked photos include Lawrence and Cuoco and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Kate Upton. Through her publicist, Lawrence released a statement declaring the leaked photos “a flagrant violation of privacy.”

The personal photos were reportedly obtained by the unidentified individual hacking into individual iCloud accounts. The FBI is currently investigating the first set of hacked photos.

In wake of the leaked-photo scandal, Apple recently said it is beefing up security to prevent similar security breaches in the future.

The feud between Katy Perry and Taylor Swift might be one of the most unexpected celebrity beefs in history, as not only do they both seem to be friendly gals, on the surface they have so much in common.

They're both driven, ambitious women at the top of the same field, and they both dated John Mayer...

Anyway, after Taylor basically said that "Bad Blood" was written about Katy in a recent Rolling Stone interview, Perry got pissed.

She fired off a tweet comparing Taylor to Regina George, and now we have further confirmation that Katy is fuming from one of the backup dancers who was allegedly caught in the middle of the feud.

"Katy is over Taylor's childish antics," says Lockhart Brownlie, one of the dancers Katy is said to have hired out from under Taylor. "She should have come to Katy directly instead of bashing her to drum up publicity for her album."

Canadian pop music’s royal couple may soon be no more: Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are reportedly on the verge of divorce.

According to Us Weekly, Lavigne, 29, and Kroeger, 39, are allegedly heading for a breakup after slightly more than one year of marriage.

An unnamed source told Us: “It’s over. He has been going around L.A. telling people that they are divorcing.”



Best known as the frontman of the Canadian power-rock group Nickelback, Kroeger asked Lavigne to marry him in August, 2012, after they dated for one month. The couple married in a lavish ceremony in the south of France in July, 2013.

And by all appearances, it has been a blissful union so far. In July, Lavigne went on Twitter to rave about the 17-carat ring Kroeger gave her for their first wedding anniversary.

But it looks like she may have deleted that tweet, fueling rumors.

Plus, according to a new report in Hollywood Life, Lavigne wasn’t wearing the rock when she was spotted at the Chateau Marmont a few weeks ago.

“Avril was partying with a bunch of her girlfriends,” said the Hollywood Life source. “She wasn’t wearing the huge diamond rock her husband Chad gave her as a gift on their first wedding anniversary.”

Moreover, an alleged friend of Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger reportedly said, "Chad is just a complete jerk in the way he talks to her, and the way he talks in general."

Britney Spears Lingerie Ripoff?Britney Spears is accused of ripping off another company’s designs for her lingerie line.

Beverly Hills boutique Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie has called out the singer for imitating one of their sexy bra and panty sets in her new Intimate collection.

Addiction Nouvelle employee Stephanie Cook huffed on Instagram that Spears' ad looks like something that you can "purchase in our Beverly Hills store."

“The sneak peak of Britney Spears' new intimates collection looks more like a copy of the full bra and high waist panty by Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie."

“#copycat,” Cook added to the caption of her side-by-side picture comparison.

Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie didn't officially call out Spears, but confirmed that Cook works for the company, and the brand’s Instagram account “liked” her post.

Perhaps not coincidentally, Spears does not include the black high-waisted panty or black bra with sheer detailing on her website for the apparel.


Already accused of racism for Twerking with a fake giant butt adorned to her rear end, Miley Cyrus could now face legal charges for doing the same act in concert on Tuesday.

Because she tossed in the addition of a spanking by the Mexican flag on stage.

During one point in the artist’s Monterrey show - which took place on Mexico’s Independence Day - Miley once again donned a prosthetic butt. Her backup dancers then whipped her behind with the flag.

As a result, Cyrus is being investigated by government officials, as the nation has laws protecting “national emblems, the flag and the national anthem.”

Francisco Trevino Cabello, a member of of the conservative National Action Party, has already accused the pop star of “desecration.”

Punishment for actions deemed disrespectful of the flag in Mexico include fines and up to 36 hours in prison.

But will Cyrus end up in jail? We doubt it.

In 2007, however, singer Paulina Rubio was reportedly fined $4,000 for appearing in a magazine with the Mexican flag draped around her naked body.

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